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Crystal clear sound even for both low and high-bandwidth? Free VoIP telephony for low pricing? Windows and Linux Server support? Then you really should decide on Conaito

Key features of the VoIP EVO SDK

Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Secure Edition

  • VoIP conferencing with crystal clear quality even for both low and high-bandwidth users
  • Full Duplex - VoIP conferencing solution (multi-user conferences)
  • Comes with VoIP Server for Windows as well Linux (running as service).
  • Work with DirectSound as well with Windows Audio.
  • Multiple-Instances support (Instantiate multiple objects of the COM, OCX and DLL client and admins. Now you can connect to multiple Conaito EVO Servers.)
  • Clients can see users in other channels (It's now possible to develop a Messenger like solution.
  • Access to the raw audio data (It's the raw audio data can e.g. be encoded to a different format and stored to disk. Also consider using the VoiceLog library included with this SDK to mix audio from multiple users talking at the same time.
  • Reinitialize sound system while connected (Restart the sound system without disconnecting from the server.)
  • "Message of the Day" can now be configured with variable information (Use e.g. %users% in the MOTD to see number of users in the server's config.)
  • Remote console server administration (e.g. use telnet to control the server)
  • Administrator EVO Server API (VoIP EVO Admin COM control) - 2 SDK versions (VoIP EVO Client SDK and VoIP EVO Admin SDK) are available.
  • Record conferences to WAV and MP3 - Voice conferencing recording (*.wav and *.mp3 format)
  • Cryptography (TLS and BlowFish encryption) - Enterprise Secure Edition only
  • Arrange users in rooms/channels with topics and passwords.
  • Full rooms/channels control including protection.
  • User status control (participant available, away) including status messages.
  • Get user talking function - Check whether a user is talking.
  • Private and public instant text messaging.
  • Broadcast server messages - sending text messages from server to all connected users.
  • Channel Messages as well Message of the Day support.
  • File Transfer - Share files among users in the same channel.
  • Ban/ Un-Ban/ Kick Clients as well as set Client connection number limits.
  • Set Clients to Operator or Administrator for different rights.
  • Listing of participants and rooms/channels.
  • Push-to-talk (set Keyboard shortcuts) to enable voice transmission.
  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection) to enable voice transmission.
  • Denoising - Noise reduction of outgoing audio
  • AGC (auto gain controller) - gaining of outgoing audio by set the voice gain level.
  • Position users using 3D sound.
  • Microphone and Speaker Volume with Mute support.
  • Microphone and Speaker Visualization support
  • Individual volume for each user including Mute all.
  • Mic Boost - more Microphone sensitivity
  • 8 KHz, 16 KHz and 32 KHz voice recording each with multiple voice quality levels.
  • Throughput between approx. 600 to 6000 bytes/sec. depending on voice quality.
  • Packet loss resistant.
  • Build-In Auto Voice Lag Controller
  • Bound Data Control (Data flow control)
  • NAT (Router) and Firewall friendly
  • Works with all kinds of Internet connections
  • Royalty free licensing
  • No Yearly/Monthly fee
  • Very easy to incorporate
  • Comes with ready-to-run Live Demo (Client and Admin) to demonstrate all the features
  • A new VoIP EVO Client Web-based example demonstration is included

Audio Capabilities

  • Multiple active audio streams
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) and voice activation (VAD) for audio transmission
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Speex audio codec for VoIP
  • Store conversations to either .wav or .mp3 format
  • Audio capture supported by DirectSound and WinMM
  • 3D-sound positioning in DirectSound mode

User Administration

  • User account system for server authentication
  • Tree structure for grouping users in channels
  • File sharing between users in a channel
  • Instant text messaging


  • Secure data transmission using TLS and BlowFish encryption (Enterprise Secure Edition)

The Conaito VoIP EVO SDK provides the documentation, samples and related libraries you need to integrate with other applications or systems. Conaito VoIP EVO SDK also includes a Win32 DLL with a C-interface, a Win32 COM control and a Win32 OCX that can be used from any programming language like C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, JSP, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, etc.

The contents of VoIP EVO SDK and the supported development environments include all of the necessary software components for building systems based on Conaito VoIP EVO SDK including documented operational software applications, examples (with source code), explanations as well as necessary service programs, libraries and components.

The supported development environments include:

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Visual C++ .NET
  • Visual C# .NET
  • JavaScript/ HTML
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C++
  • Borland Delphi.NET
  • and all development environments with Win32 DLL with a C-interface, a Win32 COM control and a Win32 OCX support
System requirements: Operating system: Windows, Linux

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