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  • Powerful voice recording
    for web developers

    Designed to record and
    send voice messages
    from web sites.

Features & Benefits

Why Choose?
Faultless voice quality of voicemails? Mp3 VoiceMail solution for low pricing? An ultimate webdeveloper tool? Then you really should decide on Conaito VoiceMail SDK!

Key features of the VoiceMail SDK

  • Record, send by e-mail and play Mp3 file direct from website (without any need for a player)
  • Recording level indicator included
  • NAT (Router) and Firewall friendly (upload recorded Mp3 with HTTP post)
  • Comes with RTR (Ready-to-Run) samples for easy integration in your website
  • Freely changeable Interface design
  • Supports multi-language environment
  • Works on the most popular web browsers and web server
  • Works with all kinds of Internet connections
  • Comes with valid Microsoft Authenticode Certificate
  • Very easy to incorporate

The demo version will allow only 20 seconds of recording only.

The Mp3 audio recording applet is developed in Java 1.1. So, the applet works with Microsoft Java 1.1 (i.e. Recording applet works on the target browsers with default browser JVM installation) and with Java plug-in 1.4-1.6. The recording applet uses native methods for sound capture and LAME Mp3 encoding/decoding. They are developed in C++ and implemented as DLL (jaudioMp3Win.tar and jaudioMp3Mac.tar). The DLL will be installed on the client computer if the applet is being used for the first time. The recording applet is digitally signed. For digitally signing the comodo certificate is used.

Conaito VoiceMail SDK package

The Conaito VoiceMail SDK provides the documentation, samples and related libraries you need to integrate with other applications or websites. It comes with:

  • Mp3 Audio recording applet (, RPAppletMp3.jar)
  • Sound capture/playback, LAME Mp3 encoding/decoding DLL (for Windows and Mac)
  • RTR (Ready-to-Run) examples, server scripts written in PHP, JAVA, ASP and ASP.NET
  • Examples with JavaScript interface and with Java applet interface
  • Documentation

Target platform

  • Target OS Platform: Windows and MacOS
  • Target browsers: Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and up, Netscape 7, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera. On the Mac with Safari and Opera
  • Web servers: Any (PHP, ASP or ASP.NET support required)

All of the necessary software components for building systems based on Conaito VoiceMail SDK including documented examples (with source code).

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Customers Speak

Our product is based on voice messages. Our clients record their message directly on our website, it's part of the ordering procedure. We have several hundred visitors per day, using all types of browsers in various OS environments. We are extremely satisfied with VoiceMail SDK and the service of the team. When we discovered a bug, they immediately included the fix in the next update. This kind of flexibility is highly appreciated.
Colette Hoser Managing Director
The Smart Art Network,
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