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  • Amazing video recording
    for web developers

    Designed to record and
    send video messages
    from web sites.

Why do you need the VideoMail SDK

Video helps communicating message quickly and effectively, while holding viewers' interest. So webmasters are keen in presenting information in video format. Recording and presenting videos on website is made easier by Conaito VideoMail SDK.

Job Portal

Employers look for qualities such as personal manner, attitude, quickness, humor, curiosity, awards and a few dozen other traits, during hiring, they get almost none of that on a paper resume. Whereas video resume would capture a person’s true personality and body language and it conveys useful information than a written CV. So job consultants can enable the job seekers to post their resume in video format. It is the best way for applicants to impress an employer. Using Conaito VideoMail job seekers can record their accomplishments, objectives, work experiences, educations, special skills, other talents and interests in a video format, and post them on the job portal to allow employers to play them back whenever they required.


Advertisement is the back bone of business, to attract more visitors. In marketing field, online video ad is the fastest growing of all the ad formats. It is a live connection between people in separate locations that provides full-motion video images. Webmasters can present the products and services in video format on the site using Conaito VideoMail. Video delivers message that are more creative, engaging and interactive. Apart from presenting the products and services, webmasters can also record the conferences using Conaito VideoMail and place them on the sites to allow customers to play them back at any time and know what is happening in the company.


Today, more educators are looking to implement latest technology in learning for improving their standard. Video is the perfect medium for them to teach students in an advanced way. Teachers can record lectures on any topic related to subjects, replicating activities, workshops, demonstrations, experimental procedures, etc and place them on the sites to allow the students to play them back and learn at any time. So learning can happen anywhere at any time - at their convenience. It helps them to develop their skills effectively.


Conaito VideoMail can be used in medical related sites owned by medical centers, research centers, health care centers and so forth. Webmasters can record videos depicting lectures on recent health related problems such as cancer, bird flu, diabetes etc, symptoms of contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, typhoid fever, SARS etc, advice and tips to lead healthy life, complicated surgeries, exercises for back pain, weight loss etc, first aid actions to be taken during emergency, solutions for pregnancy related doubts etc.

Personality Development

Personality is a unique personal quality which helps one to establish one's identity. Personality development in the real sense refers to deeper levels of a person. Every person wants to develop their personality to improve their skills. It can be improved further by proper guidance. Webmasters can record essential personality development tips such as how a person behaves, feels and thinks, how he conducts himself in a given set of circumstances, how to cultivate good habits, how to kick certain bad habits, how to study with concentration, how to do something with a concentrated mind, how to set priorities in life, how to build trust in relationships, how to apply the Golden Principles of Happiness etc.

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