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  • Amazing video recording
    for web developers

    Designed to record and
    send video messages
    from web sites.

Features & Benefits

Why Choose?
Faultless video quality of videomails? Flash Video (FLV) solution for low pricing? An ultimate webdeveloper tool? Then you really should decide on Conaito VideoMail SDK

Key features of the VideoMail SDK

  • Audios can be recorded from any source, including microphone, line-in or speakers
  • Can also be used for video recording solution without sending emails
  • Can be completely customized to your taste, using the XML configuration
  • Theme setting feature lets the admin to design a custom look and feel for the recorder
  • Skin support for Conaito VideoRecorder and Conaito VideoPlayer (sample source included)
  • Fully control the record length, video quality, video size, video capturing time and other video settings
  • JavaScript API to control the recorder
  • Supports Red5, FMS and Wowza server
  • NAT (Router) and Firewall friendly (no additional Installations or plugin's required, such as Java Applets or ActiveX)
  • Comes with RTR (Ready-to-Run) PHP (ASP and ASP.NET sample coming soon) sample for easy integration in your website
  • Supports multi-language environment
  • Works on the most popular web browsers (Adobe Flash player installed) and web server (with Red5, Wowza or FMS support)
  • Very easy to incorporate in your own website

The demo version currently only online available.

What you see is what you get - VideoMail SDK functionality

Record audio and video directly to your site

  • Record both audio and video streams
  • Offers option to select the preferred audio and video devices from the list of devices attached to the system
  • Audios can be recorded from any source, including microphone, line-in or speakers
  • User-friendly – Very easy to record the videos and play them back at any time using a player
  • Install Conaito VideoMail in your site to allow the users to record and save their videos
  • All the recorded videos are saved to the website. The videos can be played back at anytime

Powerful Admin Interface

  • Admin can control the video quality, video Size, video capturing time and other video settings via admin interface
  • Admin can modify the alert messages displayed while the system is connecting with the server, system disconnected from the server, when the web cam is not found and video recorded successfully, to provide unique and special alert messages for the members
  • Theme setting feature lets the admin to develop a custom look and feel for the recorder
  • Admin can manage all the recorded videos, download them to the local system and delete the videos on requirements


  • Easy to install and maintain - It’s a quite familiar statement you can find in most of software download page, but with no database to install, this script is as easy as uploading and getting started!
  • Supports Red5, FMS and Wowza server
  • Easy integration with PHP websites (ASP and ASP.NET samples coming soon)
  • The site can be completely customized to your taste, using the PHP/XML files
  • Easy to edit the upload location and maximum record length of the videos, through xml files

Target platform

  • Target OS Platform: Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Target browsers: All browsers with installed and working Adobe Flash Player
  • Web servers: Any (Red5, Wowza or FMS support required)

All of the necessary software components for building systems based on Conaito VideoMail SDK including documented examples (with source code).

We hope you enjoy the Conaito VideoMail SDK – Powerful solution for recording and sending video messages directly from your websites.

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Great company! Excellent support, fast troubleshooting, highly recommended!
Itay Adler CTO
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