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  • Amazing video recording
    for web developers

    Designed to record and
    send video messages
    from web sites.

Record video on your web site

Brand new from the Conaito labs comes the latest revolution in browser applications, a Webcam and Audio recorder that lets your users record video and audio directly on your site to save and play back any way they wish!

The benefits of this software are obvious, no longer do your users have to fork out on expensive software to record direct from their webcam, nor do they have to spend ages uploading their videos, it can all be done directly on your site.

Conaito VideoMail uses Adobe Flash® to video and audio capture on client machine, on server side a installed streaming server is required (such as Red5, Wowza or FMS).

The Conaito VideoMail SDK is compatible with all Adobe Flash® Player compatible Browsers.

Why Choose

Video helps communicating message quickly and effectively, while holding viewers' interest. So webmasters are keen in presenting information in video format. Recording and presenting videos on website is made easier by Conaito VideoMail SDK.

Here we have listed some of the fields where Conaito VideoMail can be used, for reference.

Potential applications of VideoMail SDK

  • Private and/or company websites can be enhanced by adding add videomail capabilities so that visitors or customers can leave video messages add videomail capabilities to your website so that your visitors or customers can leave video messages
  • E-mail business card can be embedded in emails so that recipients can click on your "Leave a video message" link/button and send you a videomail
  • Video overs can be sent for intros to media such as a text document or even flash slide show and these can be personalized for each recipient
  • Greeting cards can be enhanced by adding recorded video messages
  • eBay auction inserts can have "Ask us" buttons to enable customer to send queries in an simple and easy fashion
  • Web based videomail services can be set up for customers
  • Video services can be enhanced with video messaging

We hope you enjoy the Conaito VideoMail SDK – The Powerful solution for recording and sending video messages directly from your websites.

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