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  • Convert your PowerPoint
    presentations and Images
    to incredible Slideshow´s

    Feature rich, packed
    in powerful SDK.

Powerful creation of Flash Slideshow’s from your images and PowerPoint presentations

The Conaito Slideshow SDK (Software Developing Kit) provides you a smart and effective solution for converting PowerPoint® slides and Images into an easy-to-use Online-Flash-Slideshows and professional Flash content authoring like Trade shows, Conferences, E-learning, Researching, Studies, E-cards, Fun content and many more!

The Slideshow SDK is for application and website developers looking to add a Flash Slideshow creation module to their application or websites. It offers advanced easy to use Slideshow (Images as well PowerPoint® presentations are supported!) features such as automatic playback, audio enabled slideshows, automatic slide advancement, transition between slides, image processing features like rotate, resize and much more.

The converted Flash slideshow provides advantages of a Flash file (already available in 98% of all Web browsers):

  • Easy online-distribution or CD
  • Greater Accessibility
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Low file size
  • Resolution friendly
  • A safety and tamper proof format
  • Streaming technology
  • Viewing with or without Player

Potential applications of Slideshow SDK

  • Online Collaboration. Applications for online sharing of slideshow´s
  • Web-based Authoring Tool
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Web Seminar. Application for slideshow sharing´s (converted to Flash)
  • Desktop applications, say authoring tools
  • Web server, say presentation and slideshow server platforms

Please, don't hesitate trying our Slideshow SDK at once and get yourself, as well as your customers, the exciting experience of easy, fast and high quality standard applications which can convert PowerPoint® presentations and Images into Flash Slideshows.

Conaito Slideshow SDK is written in Microsoft .NET and provides the documentation, samples and related libraries you need to integrate with other applications or systems.

We hope you enjoy the Conaito Slideshow SDK – A simple way to create powerful Flash Slideshow’s for your applications and Websites.

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