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  • Convert PowerPoint and Impress
    presentations to cutting-edge
    Html5 experiences,
    for any device.

    Production-ready, packed
    in powerful SDK.

Q2 2013 Release v1.2

Released on May 21, 2013

Highlights of the version 1.2

  • New API function: 'enableKeyboardNav' to enable/disable keyboard navigation
  • New API function: 'enableClickNav' to enable/disable click navigation
  • Support OpenOffice Impress presentations
  • Custom Animation support by animation.xml
  • External player template support to make your own custom player
  • Paragraph support (as well animated)
  • Complete rewritten core engine - now faster and more accurate
  • fixed embedded video support

Q2 2013 Release v1.1

Released on April 15, 2013

Highlights of the version 1.1

  • modern html5 and css3 output
  • Animation playing forward and backward(!)
  • Hyperlink (extern and internal) supported
  • Audio and Video converting (multiple media format for different browser support) and playing (html5)
  • Cross device support with responsive player, including touch gestures support (works well in iPhone and iPad too!)
  • Amazing Player API
  • Extended output range selection
  • XML generation including speaker notes
  • .NET Remoting support for easy ASP.NET access and hassle free server side converting

Q1 2013 Release v1.0

Released on January 8, 2013

Highlights of the version 1.0

  • Convert Microsoft® PowerPoint® to Html5 including web-ready presenter
  • Full compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Thumbnail image generation
  • Paging, touch support for touch devices
  • Cross-Platform and Browser playback - created HTML5 can be viewed in modern Web browsers such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and other modern mobile devices
  • Web-ready audio and video conversion
  • Font conversion to Web fonts
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Optimization for Hebrew, Japanese, East Asian and Arabian languages
  • Smallest Html5 file size within conversion for short loading in Browsers
  • Leading converting technology don't depend on any printer driver products
  • Integrate high-volume batch conversion into your server-based application or workflow
  • Fully commented sample applications for various programming languages
  • Supports popular .NET languages environment: C/C++/C#, VB.NET (Visual Basic), ASP.NET and development environments with command-line support like Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, Perl, PHP, Python and others
  • Completely samples for various programming languages including source code for C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET

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Let me just say that this is probably the best converter solution in existence and, aside from animations, everything works very well. I will definitely consider purchasing a license.
Will Wong cloud engineer
based in Tokyo, Japan
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Conaito is a market-leading provider of developer tools for voip, chat, video communication, media conversion, document creation, document conversion and reporting solutions, as well productivity tools across all major Microsoft development platforms. Combined with its productivity and collaboration tools, Conaito offers an end-to-end solution for building applications
with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Conaito products help thousands of companies be more productive and deliver reliable products under budget and on time.