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Why i should convert PowerPoint to Flash (swf)

PowerPoint vs. Flash

The following advantages of Adobe Flash® formats will show the reason why this is the best choice for presentation sharing for training and business networks:

Greater Accessibility

Flash (swf) files are accessible: Most of the Internet browsers included a Flash Plug-In which enables access to Flash files for displaying converted PowerPoint presentations.

Extensive Compatibility

The Flash format with extensive compatibility: Flash (swf) files are compatible with most of the operating systems (platforms), as well of mobile devices.

Content Security

Flash files are very safety: PowerPoint presentations can be easily edited, while Flash files are more safety. Flash (swf) files also do not pose any security threat, therefore, these are not sifted at firewalls. This ensures seamless delivery.


Flash (swf) files by use of streaming technology enables online viewing of the presentation without download of any file.

Reduced Files Size

Flash (swf) files are high compressed and therefore they were the preferred medium for Internet streaming or file sharing. A Flash version of your PowerPoint presentation could be a mere 10% of its original size.

Resolution friendly

SWF is resolution friendly: Flash files are friendly with any size or display resolution. This makes them easy to handle across various device display sizes.


Flash (swf) files requires only low capacity: Converted Flash files can be easily distributed and they are also well suited for file sharing. Contrary to CD-ROMs or DVDs these files don't require high memory capacity, therefore distributing these files is most comfortable. A file converted into Flash has only a split part of capacity than a PowerPoint presentation file.

Our Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK enables you to create meaningful presentations in PowerPoint and converting to Flash (swf) format for easy sharing in e-learning and business.

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Customers Speak

After several weeks of researching a Powerpoint to Flash convertor, I finally found Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK, which had more options that I needed at that time. As my product has grown I have managed to catch up with the host of features offered by the SDK, any problems I have encountered have been dealt with fast and friendly by the Conaito support team. I have recently purchased the unlimited lifetime license so my customers never have to go without this tool.
James Davidson Head Developer
Developing IT Ltd,
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