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What Customers Say About Conaito

  • BroadNeeds is a specialized company to deliver Corporate Virtual Solutions, mainly for streaming media and data collaboration. Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK helped us to improve our service quality, delivering animated slide-show to our customers instead of static JPG slides. Great job
  • We choose the Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK because of their easy to go SDK and the rich freatures it provides. Thank you.
  • The Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK is great for our tool to extract slides from a PowerPoint presentation for our own presentation tool. Also great support from conaito! Thanks for everything.
    Tom Neij Medior Developer Qwise B.V.,
  • I just wanted to express my gratitude to Conaito. We were evaluating a number of PowerPoint-to-Flash solutions, and Conaito's SDK offered a great balance of performance, features, and simple implementation. But above and beyond just offering the product, their level of expert service and support has been incredible, far beyond expectations, and much better then their competitors.
  • After several weeks of researching a Powerpoint to Flash convertor, I finally found Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK, which had more options that I needed at that time. As my product has grown I have managed to catch up with the host of features offered by the SDK, any problems I have encountered have been dealt with fast and friendly by the Conaito support team. I have recently purchased the unlimited lifetime license so my customers never have to go without this tool.
    James Davidson Head Developer Developing IT Ltd,
  • We did lot of research about PowerPoint-to-Flash SDKs from various vendors. From the "Value for Money" perspective, we found Conaito's SDK the best. The support team is good and is always willing to help. We also found the quality of converted swf's to be far better than that of other vendors. We are all set to buy the comprehensive license and would recommend it to anyone who is evaluating the PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK options.
  • We just released an update to our desktop product that includes functionality from the Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK. The API seems a little ad-hoc and poorly documented, but the functionality itself seems very solid. The fact that the master slides and thumbnails can be rendered out seperately proved very important to us, and the treatment of fonts is very strong. We are a demanding customer, but we liked the SDK enough to make the leap of faith, and have recommended it to some of our solution clients. Keep up the good work Conaito team!
  • Conaito - I would like to thank you for a very nice SDK. In looking at several SDKs that convert PowerPoint to Flash, your SDK provided the best examples, quality, options and support. You have been responsive to feedback and continue to improve the SDK with every release. Thank You and keep up the good work!
  • The Media Semantics Character Builder uses the Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK to import Powerpoint slides which are then used to create Flash presentations led by animated, talking characters.
  • PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK is a powerful toolkit. We have been able to program with it using a variety of languages including C#, PHP, and ASP... each have examples as part of the software download. As an lifetime license user, we have been very pleased.
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