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What Customers Say About Conaito

  • We’re a software developing company from SA, and we implemented your standard SDK (eval) today into our application and it worked like a bomb!
  • Our product is based on voice messages. Our clients record their message directly on our website, it's part of the ordering procedure. We have several hundred visitors per day, using all types of browsers in various OS environments. We are extremely satisfied with VoiceMail SDK and the service of the team. When we discovered a bug, they immediately included the fix in the next update. This kind of flexibility is highly appreciated.
    Colette Hoser Managing Director The Smart Art Network,
  • We used VoiceMail SDK in our website. We are happy with the service given by the Conaito solution. Now, We look to use this VoiceMail SDK for local area network in our website without having internet connection.
  • Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It really saves me time and effort. I was amazed at the quality of your product VoiceMail SDK.
  • Men your product is GREAT! It is the solution I was looking for. I will modify our application for testing purposes with the trial version and buy the final version during the next week.
  • Your SDK is so perfect!
  • Let me just say that this is probably the best converter solution in existence and, aside from animations, everything works very well. I will definitely consider purchasing a license.
    Will Wong cloud engineer based in Tokyo, Japan
  • It's exactly what I've been looking for. You guys rock! I am completely blown away.
    Will Bailey
  • BroadNeeds is a specialized company to deliver Corporate Virtual Solutions, mainly for streaming media and data collaboration. Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK helped us to improve our service quality, delivering animated slide-show to our customers instead of static JPG slides. Great job
  • We choose the Conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK because of their easy to go SDK and the rich freatures it provides. Thank you.
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Conaito is a market-leading provider of developer tools for voip, chat, video communication, media conversion, document creation, document conversion and reporting solutions, as well productivity tools across all major Microsoft development platforms. Combined with its productivity and collaboration tools, Conaito offers an end-to-end solution for building applications
with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Conaito products help thousands of companies be more productive and deliver reliable products under budget and on time.