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What Customers Say About Conaito

  • We looked at many SIP SDKs in the market and found that the Conaito’s SDK’s to be the best with great support for the commonly used codecs and programmability. I would highly recommend Conaito to anyone who is creating voice based applications. Keep up the good work Conaito.
    Ajay Soni Technology Director/CTO eInteraction Software Ltd.,
  • I haven’t got too much experience with the VoIP SIP SDK, yet, but it is surprising how quickly one can get some basic functionalities working. I very much appreciate the many sample applications that Conaito delivers with the SDK for many different programming environments. The SDK is a well-designed tool that takes away all the SIP burden from the developers and will save many man-hours in developing a final application using SIP VoIP communication. Also, the feature-set is very rich (audio recording and playback, DTMF tone generation and detection, etc…). I spent a lot of time evaluating the solutions of other competitors, but none of them come even close to what Conaito offers. This is a brilliant piece of software!
    Patrick Castelein Product Manager Zenitel Belgium,
  • We choose the Conaito VoIP SIP Client SDK because of their easy to go sdk and the rich freatures it provides. Thank you.
  • Taxiverket is using Conaito VoIP EVO SDK to replace traditional communications radio for voice communications between our logistics center in Malmö and 100 vehicles all over Sweden. By doing this we can communicate all over the country and save money by using our existing pc infrastructure as opposed to purchasing radio equipment.
    Martin Bynger for Sardar Albarzindji Taxiverket i Malmö AB - Sweden
  • Good to understand! Easy to coding! I love Conaito VoIP Solution!
  • Novonics selected the Conaito VOIP tools to assist with the team training prototype development effort in support of the Defense Acquisition University.
    Alice Hayden Developer Novonics Corp.,
  • I would like to say that I am very pleased with VoIP EVO SDK. This SDK has plenty functions and easy to develop with kind helpful documents. If you are developing your own Voip system, just add Conaito's in your program. I am very pleased with it. Thank You and excellent job!!
  • I don’t know how I ever worked without it. Conaito VoIP SDK has completely changed how I look at online business. This is the most reliable thing of thing we've ever used.
    Paul Ward
  • Very reliable and intuitive SDK. Along with the good documentation it makes a good partner to develop our voice application quickly.
  • We have been looking for an easy to develop and powerfull video conferencing sdk and have decided to purchase this SDK.
    Ilker Ülger Enterprise Architect Kuveytturk - Turkey,
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Conaito is a market-leading provider of developer tools for voip, chat, video communication, media conversion, document creation, document conversion and reporting solutions, as well productivity tools across all major Microsoft development platforms. Combined with its productivity and collaboration tools, Conaito offers an end-to-end solution for building applications
with unparalleled richness, responsiveness and interactivity. Conaito products help thousands of companies be more productive and deliver reliable products under budget and on time.